“If one gives rise to the intention, even if just for a few days, to go to a retreat land like Pema Drawa, the moment we turn our bodies to face in the direction of that retreat land, the Enlightened Masters have said the benefits are inconceivable. Even just taking seven steps in the direction of that solitary retreat land, in comparison to immense gatherings of exhaustible virtue, these two cannot even be compared.”

–Lama Chödak Gyatso Nubpa

The Northern Treasures are considered a source of extraordinary blessings. In the past these transmissions were rarely given, even in the place of their origin, so we offer our heartfelt thanks in joy and gratitude to His Holiness for offering this inconceivably precious opportunity to us here in the west.

We need your help to realize this extraordinary opportunity. In order to support the cost of these events and keep them affordable to our community of practitioners, we need financial underwriting to help with the significant cost of travel and hosting of His Holiness and the Lamas, monks and assistants necessary to authentically hold this series of traditional transmissions, empowerments and public events.

Supporting these events is one way for each of us to take the first of those seven steps toward Pema Drawa. Please help us to keep this profoundly beneficial oral transmission lineage vital and alive. It is only through your generous support that we are able to host this rare and precious event. Thank you for helping us to make this possible.


Your sponsorship is greatly needed, and will enable us to absorb the following costs:

No contribution is too small. Any financial support you can provide is greatly appreciated, and equally beneficial for retreat participants and sponsors alike. Your heartfelt generosity enables us to continue to fulfill our mission of preserving and transmitting the precious legacy of the Tibetan Nyingma lineage tradition, a sacred culture of peace that has been kept vital and effective through more than fifty generations of lifelong practitioners and lineage masters.

Thank you for ensuring that the work of Ari Bhöd is enduring, and that all essential aspects of this endangered world heritage remains a source of benefit for future generations of Tibetans and non-Tibetans alike.

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