Zangdok Palri USA, when realized to scale, will reach ninety feet in height. Leading the building team will be pre-eminent Tibetan scholars, artists, and monks, including Pema Namdol Thaye and his uncle Lama Gompo Tenzin in collaboration with Western architect Michael Rotondi, co-founder and principal of RoTo Architects and co-founder and Director of Graduate Studies at SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture). Zangdok Palri USA will preserve and sustain traditional Tibetan artistic and sacred architectural traditions within the rigorous design demands of Western building codes.

Through the construction process and upon completion, Zangdok Palri USA will be a world heritage site, a rare example of the sacred architecture of Tibet. The process of building this architectural Mandala will bring many people together, providing the continuation of a 1200-year-old cultural and artistic tradition that will benefit countless current and future generations.

Zangdok Palri USA will be open for public engagement and participation. Program offerings will include:

Detailed building specifications to come soon.