(Jang Ter Künzang Gongpa Zangthal Wangs )

September 12 – 21, 2014
Ari Bhöd/Pema Drawa, Tehachapi, California

His Holiness Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche will offer the complete set of wangs (Empowerments) for the Künzang Gongpa Zangthal. The following requirements come directly from the wisdom mind of His Holiness Taklung Rinpoche himself: Full time attendance is required and attendance is restricted to those who will commit to completing their Ngondro (set of preliminary practices) after attending the wangs. The elderly and those with literacy impairments must make the commitment to accumulate 1,200,000 Vajra Guru Mantras. It is also strongly suggested that attendees complete at least one aspect of the Jang Ter (Northern Treasures) Ngondro. To not honor these requirements would be considered a serious transgression of samaya, so please consider with great care and full intention before making these commitments.

This is the first time that His Holiness Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche will offer these empowerments on the West Coast of America. This event will take place at Pema Drawa, the mountain retreat center of Ari Bhöd. Pema Drawa is located on 475 peaceful wooded acres in the Tehachapi Mountains, about a 2-hour drive north of Los Angeles.


Non Residential Retreat Cost: $975 members, $1075 non-members. This registration fee includes all empowerments, supplementary texts, teachings, tsok, and three meals daily as well as the public event on September 21.

Paid Registration Deadline: September 8, 2014.

Please note that there will be non-refundable cancellation fee of $200 after September 8, 2014.

His Holiness Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche will offer one public event on September 21st (specific details will be announced soon).  Please note for your planning purposes that it is possible that the Empowerments may conclude earlier than September 20th. The public event will still take place the 21st of September.

There is limited on-site dormitory-style (likely bunk beds) lodging at Pema Drawa for the duration of the event, for an additional $25 per night. The earlier that we receive your paid registration, the greater the likelihood of an available space for lodging. For a list of local

lodging in the Tehachapi area, please use your internet resource of choice. Here is a link to the TripAdvisor site: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotels-g33163-Tehachapi_California-Hotels.html. For Local Camping call: Tehachapi Mountain Park (661) 868-7000

Please note that we are unable to provide daily transportation to and from the town of Tehachapi.

The retreat land of Pema Drawa is located in the mountains about 15 minutes from the city of Tehachapi. Tehachapi is northeast of Los Angeles. The closest airports are Bakersfield, Burbank and LAX.

By car: 2-hour drive from Los Angeles; 1-hour drive from Bakersfield. Carpooling is highly recommended.

Click here to register online.

Further details regarding lodging, driving directions and shuttle instructions, as well as what to bring, will be given following registration. Ari Bhöd reserves the right to limit attendance as necessary.

Please note that there will be non-refundable cancellation fee of $200 after September 8.

Important Notices: There is no smoking or tobacco products of any kind allowed on the land of Pema Drawa. Any persons smoking on the property will be asked to leave immediately, no exceptions. We are unable to accommodate pets on the property. Please also note when planning your visit that there is no internet access available at Pema Drawa, and cell phone reception is very limited at best.

For questions, please contact Yeshe at the Ari Bhöd office during regular business hours: 626-564-0702 or contact@aribhod.org.