Pema Drawa, our retreat land on 475 acres in the Tehachapi mountains, is the heart of all of Ari Bhöd’s projects and programs. Purchased in 2003, this secluded property, with a year-round stream and numerous structures, was originally built for summer use as a youth camp. The largest building includes a fully equipped commercial kitchen, which has been upgraded and renovated, as well as a 2000 sq-ft activities hall. Additional buildings on the property have been transformed into a traditional Tibetan Temple, and residences for lamas, staff and visitors. What was the craft building now houses the Shi-tro Mandala for Universal Peace. Pema Drawa is located near the city of Tehachapi, about a two-hour drive from Los Angeles, where northern and southern California meet.

Ari Bhöd’s retreat land was given the name “Pema Drawa” by His Holiness Dodrupchen Rinpoche in 2009. Pema Drawa literally translates to “Lotus Web”.


Pema Drawa’s temple, the heart of our retreat land, is a hall for daily meditation, small retreats and traditional practices. The interior features authentic painting and ornamentation by master artist Ven. Lama Ngawang Thogmed, including mantra painting created in Lenza script in strict accordance with the ancient Mindrolling tradition, and temple carving and carpentry by master craftsman Lama Nawang Samten. The temple is abundant in traditional Tibetan t’hangka paintings, statues and texts.