"Our real work is taking care of our own minds."
Ven. Lama Chödak Gyatso Nubpa
book cover
April 2020

By consultation with our most venerable Lamas and trusted board advisors, the Ari Bhöd organization remains rooted in solidarity with all those who are working and acting to reduce the risks associated with the increasing global threat of the Corona Virus (Covid19). We remain closed to the public for the foreseeable future.

We encourage everyone to use this isolation time for your dharma practice. A selection of supplemental prayers and practices recommended by our Lineage Masters titled:

A Compilation of Prayers to Halt the Ill Effects of the 2020 Global Pandemic

is available on our download page on this site. Please join us in reciting with aspirations to halt the Corona virus, for the benefit of all beings!

Your practice and the accumulations of these prayers are not a substitution for common sense. Follow all possible safety protocols for preventing and spreading the Corona Virus, including hand washing, social distancing and avoiding all unnecessary travel, contact and shipping.

May we never lose sight of the fact that our world is still filled with boundless possibilities! As practitioners, we press on with the spoken and unspoken understanding of our responsibility to continue to help shape those possibilities together, through our positive actions and intentions. Together and as individuals, may we continue to practice generosity by giving in anyway possible, great or small, to help support those facing unimaginable hardships as a consequence of this virus, including loneliness, lack of shelter and basic necessities, hunger, fear and lives lost.

Welcome to Ari Bhöd the American Foundation for Tibetan Cultural Preservation. Established by the Venerable Lama Chödak Gyatso Nubpa Rinpoche in 2003, our mission is to preserve and transmit the priceless legacy of the ancient Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, a sacred culture of peace that has been kept vital and effective through more than fifty generations of lifelong practitioners and lineage masters.

Ari Bhöd’s retreat center, Pema Drawa, is located on 475 acres in the serene mountains of Tehachapi, California where northern and southern California meet. Ari Bhöd’s retreat land was given the name “Pema Drawa” (Lotus Web) by His Holiness the 4th Dodrupchen Rinpoche in 2009. Ari Bhöd’s principle programs and activities include:

  • Traditional Tibetan Art and Architecture
  • Meditation Practice and Ceremonies
  • Facilitating Authentic Retreats and Events
  • Text Translation and Publishing