“The most precious benefit of Ari Bhöd has been in the difference of the lives of those who are involved in our mission, particularly those who are actively dedicated. Despite the fact that they have to work so hard, for the first time in their lives they have a sense of self-achievement, of finding the keys to happiness. Some have become determined to find ultimate happiness through completely dedicating their lives in support of our work. That is the real fruition.

We have brought hope to the future of the people who have participated, helping them find a direction in life. They have seen the benefit not only for themselves, but have seen how to help others in their own way, however humble. Everyday, they are contributing to make this world more livable, more peaceful.

—Lama Chödak Gyatso Nubpa

Volunteers are our most precious resource and have made Ari Bhöd what it is today. Pema Drawa has been transformed through thousands of hours of volunteer labor, and all of our programs operate through the skills, commitment and energy of volunteers.

To volunteer at our retreat land Pema Drawa, or for any of our projects and programs, please fill out our Volunteer Form, and return it to:

Email: contact@aribhod.org
Mail to Ari Bhöd
1085 Voyager Drive
PO Box 1299
Tehachapi, CA 93581

We are currently in need of volunteers for:

Traditional Tibetan Art and Architecture
• Traditional Temple – Exterior Painting
• A/V Archival Project

Meditation Practice and Ceremonies
• Facility Set-up and Take-Down
• Event Coordination
• General Kitchen Help – Meal Preparation and Service
• Archival Support

Text Translation and Publishing
• Web & Computer Support
• Graphic Design
• Commercial Printing
• Archival Support

Pema Drawa
• Carpentry
• Plumbing & Electrical
• Grounds Keeping/Landscaping
• Drywall, Framing & Painting
• Cooking and General Kitchen Help
• Botany
• Orinthology

Administrative Support
• Data Entry
• Fulfillment