By: Nubpa Thrinley Rinpoche
Introduction by: Lama Chödak Gyatso

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Written in the early 20th century by the accomplished Tibetan Buddhist scholar and hidden meditation master Nubpa Thrinley Rinpoche, (1886-1942), Dispelling the Darkness of Mind includes personal insights and practice instruction delivered in a penetrating and authentic manner, enabling the practitioner (reader) to apply the rich and detailed instruction in ones practice and daily life.

Well-Intentioned Notes on the Ngondro of the Dzogpa Chenpo Longchen Nyingthig (Dispelling the Darkness of Mind in Those of Lesser Intelligence) is one of the few works of Nubpa Rinpoche’s that found its way out of Tibet during the Cultural Revolution. These teachings on the Longchen Nyingthig Ngondro are based on the direct oral instructions and transmissions that Nubpa Rinpoche received from his teacher, the great yogin Tenzin Drakpa Rinpoche, himself a heart-student of the revered Dzogchen Master Patrul Rinpoche (The Words of My Perfect Teacher). Published here for the first time both in English and Tibetan, Dispelling the Darkness of Mind is a rich source of benefit and blessing for the reader.

The Longchen Nyingthig Ngondro consists of preliminary practices that are traditionally studied, applied and accomplished thoroughly before the student embarks on the advanced teachings of the Nyingma path, The Great Perfection (Dzogpa Chenpo). This commentary explains the components of Ngondro practice in detail, specifically the common outer and the uncommon inner preliminaries, including the Four Thoughts, Refuge, Bodhichitta, Vajrasattva, Mandala Offering, Kusali’s Gathering of Accumulations (Chöd) and Guru Yoga. Also included are instructions on the practice of P’howa (Buddhahood without Meditation), as well as supplementary prayers that are referenced in the root text: Confession of Bodhisattva Failings, Zangdok Palri Aspiration Prayer, Prayer to be Reborn in Dewachen etc. A biography of the great Tenzin Drakpa Rinpoche (Jigme Palgyi Senge) personally scribed by the hand of His Holiness Rigzin Chenpo Dorje Drak further enriches this publication. 
As the grandnephew of Nubpa Thrinley Rinpoche, Lama Chödak Gyatso Nubpa Rinpoche (1951-2009) founder of The American Foundation for Tibetan Cultural Preservation (Ari Bhöd) was the spiritual and family lineage-holder for these teachings, and curated this publication for many years. Lama Gyatso provides invaluable historical and biographical information in the introduction, preface and notes to set the stage for the readers’ journey.

Supplementary material by His Holiness Trulshik Rinpoche (1924-2011), His Holiness Dorje Drak Rinpoche and professor Nyichang Jamyang Rigpai Dorje Rinpoche as well as line drawings by artists Pema Namdol Thaye and Gelong Ngawang Thogmed, honor Nubpa Trinley Rinpoche’s wisdom and altruistic work.

While all content has been translated and edited carefully and conscientiously, in some cases it breaks with western standards with the aim of delivering the teachings in a manner consistent with Nubpa Rinpoche’s vernacular and dharma implication, in an important attempt to maintain the unelaborated heart essence of Nubpa Rinpoche’s profound, yet down-to-earth voice.