Tools for Peace™ teaches practical methods for cultivating compassion, peace and well-being through Mindfulness, Meditation and Mandala. Tools for Peace Programs offer tools to:
• Develop Positive Attitudes
• Resolve Conflicts
• Cope with Difficulties
• Develop Self-Motivation and Self-Confidence
• Feel Willing, Able & Equipped to Help Others

The translation of the Shi-tro cycle into English and the subsequent construction of the Shi-tro Mandala inspired the creation of Tools for Peace, a successful community outreach program. Organized in various public locations including suburban malls, high schools, detention centers and museums, Tools for Peace employs the Shi-tro Mandala as teaching tool through meditation, art, reflective writing and community engagement. To date, over 6,000 participants have benefited from Tools for Peace, which provides people of all ages and backgrounds with practical methods for cultivating compassion, peace and well-being.

For more information about Tools for Peace, please visit our website at www.toolsforpeace.org